Build Your Dream OTT Platform with Confidence

Unleash the power of our comprehensive OTT solutions, designed to empower creators and fuel the success of your streaming service.


Completely Customizable Software

Experience an OTT software solution with unparalleled flexibility, tailored to meet your specific content requirements.


Complete Ownership

Gain full control over your custom-built, top-tier whitelabel OTT platform with comprehensive ownership.


One-time License Cost

Secure your valuable content with a standardized one-time licensing fee for your thriving OTT business.


End-to-End Development Support

Benefit from comprehensive end-to-end support, ensuring your platform is built from the ground up.


Third Party Solution Integration

Easily integrate third-party OTT solutions into your customized platform using advanced technologies.


High Profile Robust Technologies

Develop an OTT platform using microservice architecture technology to achieve the reliability of top OTT giants.

Unlock diverse revenue streams and maximize your earnings.

Elevate the user experience, boost engagement, and unlock new revenue streams with our cutting-edge OTT features.

OTT Mobile App
In-app Purchase
In-app Purchase

Boost app engagement and enhance brand loyalty with iStream OTT video software, which offers a wide range of in-app purchase options.

In-app Notification
In-app Notification

Keep your users informed about exclusive content and new releases with concise pop-up messages.

Resume Watching
Resume Watching

Provide an uninterrupted viewing experience by allowing users to continue from where they left off.

Offline Viewing
Offline Viewing

Enjoy continuous video playback without an internet connection, thanks to our superior OTT software designed for offline viewing.

Web Application
Progressive Web Application

Effectively reach users on both web and native apps with PWA technology, ensuring seamless offline functionality with the iStream OTT video streaming solution.

Paywall Integration
Paywall Integration

Easily manage access to premium content with integrated paywall features on your OTT platform.

Your All-in-One Solution for Streaming Success

Launch, manage, and monetize your captivating video content with ease. Here's what ideyaLabs offers:

Effortless White-Label OTT Platform

Get a fully customized solution that reflects your brand identity without the hefty price tag of in-house development. Focus on creating amazing content while ideyaLabs handles the platform infrastructure.

Powerful Live Streaming Capabilities

Stream live events seamlessly and deliver exceptional viewing experiences for your audience. Our platform empowers you to manage, distribute, and monetize live content efficiently, maximizing engagement and revenue potential.

Cloud-Based Transcoding for Universal Reach

Reach a wider audience and ensure smooth playback across any device or media player. ideyaLabs handles video transcoding into various formats like MPEG-2, AV1, and H.264, guaranteeing a flawless viewing experience for everyone.

Streamlined Content Partner Portal

Collaborate effortlessly with partners and seamlessly host their content within your platform. Our access control mechanisms allow you to monitor partner activity and maintain complete control over your content ecosystem.

Live to VOD

Automatically record your live streams and make them available on-demand. Viewers can even see comments left during the live broadcast, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

OTT Device

Powerful Content Management for Your OTT Success

Effortlessly manage, market, and measure the performance of your OTT content with ideyaLabs iStream. Here's how:

OTT Video CMS Manage Your Content Library Effortlessly

Real-Time Analytics & Performance Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your content's performance with automated metrics. ideyaLabs iStream provides real-time data to help you make data-driven decisions, optimize your content strategy, and maximize platform success.

Seamless OTT Video CMS
Effortless Bulk Uploads
Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
Automated Scheduling & Geo-Targeting
Multilingual Subtitle Support
Universal Video Format Compatibility

Reach and Grow Your Audience

Attract new viewers, expand your market share, and build a thriving community with ideyaLabs' feature-rich OTT marketing toolkit

OTT Video Marketing

OTT Video CMS Manage Your Content Library Effortlessly

Masterful Metadata Management

Optimize user experience, enhance content discovery, and drive personalized recommendations with our comprehensive metadata management tools. Ensure your content gets seen by the right audience and keeps them engaged.

AI-Powered Recommendations
Effortless Social Publishing
Lead Capture Made Simple
Seamless Video Replacement

Insights & Audience Understanding

Make informed decisions and optimize your platform for success with ideyaLabs iStream’ s data-driven OTT video analytics. Gain a deeper understanding of your audience and their viewing habits in real-time.

Data-Driven OTT Video Analytics Gain more insights and understand the pulse of your audience

Live Dashboard for Actionable Insights

Monitor key metrics and user behavior in real-time with our comprehensive live dashboard. Track session duration, user engagement, and more, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that optimize your platform for maximum impact.

Seamless Third Party Analytics Integration
Customizable Metrics for Deeper Analysis
Audience Timeline & Demographic Insights
Understanding Your Audience Pulse
OTT Video Analytics

Protect Your Content with Unbreakable Security

Safeguard your valuable video content with ideyaLabs' industry-leading multi-layered security protocols. Ensure peace of mind and foster trust with your audience

OTT DRM Security
  • Multi-DRM Protection

    Employ the power of Multi-DRM technology to encrypt your content across various platforms and devices, preventing unauthorized access and piracy attempts.

  • Digital Watermarking

  • AES Encryption

  • Comprehensive Security Measures

Deliver a Seamless Multiscreen Experience: Engage Your Audience Anywhere

Extend your reach and captivate viewers on any device with ideyaLabs' multiscreen OTT experience. Here's how:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • Console
  • Web
OTT platform for multi screen

Industry-Specific Solutions Tailored for Your Success

Go beyond generic streaming platforms. ideyaLabs offers specialized OTT solutions designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. Here's how we can empower your specific niche:

Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

Stream and monetize your OTT media and broadcasting services globally, ensuring a distributed presence anytime, anywhere. Enhance your entertainment streaming landscape, making it trendsetting and highly competitive.


Independent filmmakers, content owners, and entertainment companies can launch fully owned digital streaming platforms with OTT software, entertaining audiences worldwide and monetizing millions of audio/video content in various ways.

Sports Streaming Solution

International and local streamers can deliver a grand champion-winning experience with customized OTT platform technology, streaming live sports across iOS, Android apps, and Smart TVs.

Education Streaming Solution

Engage students with interactive video lessons, personalized learning paths, and secure content delivery for educational institutions and online course creators.

Fitness Streaming Solution

ideyaLabs offers a comprehensive fitness streaming platform for personal trainers, wellness instructors, and health clubs, enabling them to launch video services for their target audience and provide a complete fitness studio experience.

Religious Streaming  Solution

Spiritual leaders can self-host an easy-to-use faith video platform, uniting communities through worship services. Become a local voice conveying global messages of spirituality on live and on-demand TV apps.